Best Free (or Inexpensive) Tools for Outbound Selling

Outbound sales is very difficult, and it takes a lot to consistently achieve results.

There’s no relying on pre-sold leads coming in; results are determined by you as the salesperson.

You need grit, the drive to succeed and a natural gift to know where and how to sniff out new deals.

Because of this, when mastered, outbound sales is a truly revered skill amongst salespeople. You are always self-sufficient and don’t need to fall back on others.

Technology can be used to improve success in outbound selling, but knowing the right software to sue is a headache.

Below we have outlined our pick of the best free (or inexpensive) tool you can use for outbound selling.

Use these tools to improve your productivity immediately!

1. MailTrack

First on the list is MailTrack.

A free sales tool that allows you to see when people open and click links within your emails.

It gives notifications from within Gmail, and also has more comprehensive statistics within the software.

Notable Features

  • Notifications within Gmail
  • Awareness on link clicks and email opens 
  • Shows when, and how many times, a prospect opens an email (marking it as a hot conversation when opened many times)

Best Uses for MailTrack

Prioritising Calls to Prospects
If you send multiple cold emails each day the trouble is knowing which are interested or not, but a best practise is to follow up with a call only when a prospect has opened or clicked an email +2 times within 24 hours.  

Know When to Re-Engage
If an old prospect opens a previously sent email MailTrack will give you an alert to notify you. This is a perfect time to check in with the prospect, leading to the deal being re-ignited. 

Mailtrack dashboard
Example of MailTrack’s Dashboard

2. SimilarTech

When it comes to gaining analytics on a prospect in B2B selling, SimilarTech is the most useful tool.

The chrome extension allow you to find out information like website traffic, technology spend, and what digital technologies is the business using.

As a salesperson or consultant the more insight you have going into a meeting, or even reaching out to organise one for that matter, the more chance of success you have.

Having knowledge on the prospect’s potential pain-points, challenges, and even business goals put you into a position to accurately position your value proposition in a relevant way.

Check out SimilarTech here.

3. Vidyard

When using cold email it’s critical your message cuts through.

Excellent copywriting or punchy subject lines alone can only do this so much. 

The best sales professionals integrate video into cold emails because you can improve your open rates by 5x and 8x open-to-reply rates

Vidyard that can be used within Gmail to create and incorporate videos into your outbound prospecting strategies. 

For those with a smaller target market, where you need to convert more cold outreach attempts and can spend more time on each email, video can be an excellent approach to give a personalised approach. 

Vidyard outbound tool dashboard

4. Yesware

A big factor that determines the success in outbound sales is ensuring your message gets seen.

Yesware sales tool to win more business

Yesware automates the sending of cold emails in a personalised way, to save time and facilitate connecting with prospects effectively. 

We know that cold email campaigns with 4-7 emails per sequence receive 3X more responses than campaigns with only 1-3 emails in the sequence.  

There are plenty of tools that do the same as Yesware within the market, but the learning curve for Yesware is not so steep. It works directly from Gmail, and upon sign up you gain an extended free trial.

We recommend creating a campaign of 5 touch points across 2 weeks for optimum efficiency.

5. Dux-Soup

If you are someone who finds a lot of new business through LinkedIn then this is the tool for you.

Dux-Soup is an automation tool where you can automatically view, send personalised in-mails and follow up with prospects. It’s like a automated Sales Cadence, but strictly for LinkedIn.

Even if you don’t use LinkedIn right now, you may want to pivot your strategy with Dux-Soup as we know that LinkedIn has up to 20% more response rates than cold email.

It’s also important to note that if you work with teams on LinkedIn, you can make use of the ability to share notes with your colleagues.

I’ve used both paid and free tiers of Dux-Soup, and even on the free tier I’ve generated meetings through cold outreach.

6. Lusha

Lusha is a B2B lead data enrichment tool. There are a plethora of tools similar to this in the market, but based on data quality and consistency of results, Lusha is by far the best. It comes with a free version, but 1 drawback is the cost of the software, which is $39 per month for 50 credits.

Notable Features

  • Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and Outreach 
  • Access to API 
  • One click enrichment on LinkedIn to capture phone and email
Lusha lead enrichment image

Where we have found the most use in Lusha is the ability to capture mobile phone numbers. This is because it gives you a direct line to your prospect. No need to deal with gatekeepers, or assume the prospect is in the office.
As a result, your lead generation rate will sky-rocket, especially when coupled with a strong calling script.

7. Appointlet

More meeting scheduling most will use Google Calendar, and others also Calendly, but Appointlet is another great alternative.

The key reason we have put this on the list is that the free version still has some great functionality. The way we typically like to use it during our outbound cold outreach is sharing a link to our calendar for a prospect to pick a time that suits.

This eliminates the need to go back and forth, making it seamless to schedule in new meetings!

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