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What Are the Golden Hours of Sales?

The Golden Hours of sales will enable you to sell, sell, sell!

How can some salespeople live on the phone, whilst some are stuck in admin land?

Picture this…

There’s two reps. Rep 1 and Rep 2.

They work the same amount of leads, but Rep 1 consistently has more conversations.

Rep 1 is ready to work his second lead list for the day before Rep 2 even makes his 5th call!

The reason this happens is because of The Golden Hours. A concept used by the pro’s.

What are the Golden Hours?

The Golden Hours are those hours in the day where you can speak with prospects. Typically it’s between 9am-5pm, as these are the hours you have the best chance of reaching prospects on the phone.

The idea is to complete tasks like cold calling during this window. Things like admin is completed outside of The Golden Hours, to keep them free for selling.

The Admin Challenge

Let’s look at the core problem that inhibits many salespeople.

The challenge that many find themselves in is pre-occupied by anything other than selling. Engrossed by intensive reports, updating the CRM, or building lead lists.

This is detrimental for more than just the fact you are NOT SELLING – it interrupts workflow.

You simply can’t get on a roll calling if you are updating the CRM between calls, and this constant switching between tasks negatively impacts productivity.

Within a 40 hour week, salespeople on average will only spend 23% of this time on the phone.

23% is staggeringly low!

It signals that time management is incredibly useful in reaching top sales performance.

This is also why, when put to use, The Golden Hours are super effective.

Using the Golden Hours Effectively

With The Golden Hours being between 9am-6pm, it’s unrealistic to be selling every minute.

The key to using this time effectively is to time block. Time blocking is a time management technique where you dedicate an allotted amount of time to 1 task only.

From a sales context many companies use the term “Power Hour”, where they time block a segment of their day purely for cold calling. Click here to see our guide on how many cold calls to do per day.

A recommendation is to time block 2-3 “Power Hours” throughout the day to drastically improve productivity.

Typically 4am-5pm, and 8am-9am are the optimal times to cold call.

Time blocking enables you to be hyper focussed on a single task, but there’s also other factors at play.

Parkinson’s Law

Have you ever had a project given to you with a deadline of 1 month?

You don’t even think about it for the first week.

Second week rolls around and it starts to become front of mind, by the 3rd week it’s a priority, and in week 4 urgency to complete the project kicks in.

This scenario is governed by Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law is usually expressed as “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” That is to say if a project is given a year to complete, it will take the whole year.
C. Northcote Parkinson

On the opposite end of the spectrum sits a corollary to Parkinson’s Law. It states that work will compress into the time allocated to it.

These two theories play out in sales scenarios too, and are the core reason why time blocking is so effective.

Giving yourself a shorter window to complete tasks means urgency kicks in quicker.

You’ll find yourself devoting energy to get the desired outcome faster, and overall being more productive.

Understanding these concepts and integrating them into the way you work is critical for effective time management.

Strategies to Leverage the Golden Hours

The truth in the matter is that there will always be peers, clients and managers that require your attention.

Doing non-sales activities during The Golden Hours widens the gap between where you are, and ultimately where you want to be. This includes salespeople, and business owners alike!

Don’t worry though. If this is you, you aren’t alone.

Everyday there are thousands of people being engrossed in activities prohibiting them from building new business – we need effectively navigate around this!

What are some strategies to leverage The Golden Hours? Let’s look at how the pros do it.


Planning the golden hours.

Effective planning means prioritising what tasks you spend your energy on each and everyday. Start with a list every morning and jot down all the tasks you want to achieve, then rank them.

It’s known that salespeople who habitually plan spend 1 more hour a day selling, than those who don’t.

Everyday rank your tasks as ‘Critical’, ‘Important’, ‘Non-Essential’.

Critical tasks influence the status of your performance and need to be achieved that day (within The Golden Hours of Sales), whereas non-essential tasks should be achieved outside of The Golden Hours.

An example for an Account Executive could be:
– Book in 3 new meetings (Critical)
– Create next week’s client on boarding notes (Non-Essential)

The idea is to facilitate the achievement of tasks that make a true impact in your role because these will lead to your success. Making this a habit everyday will show it’s significance in the long term.

Another effective planning strategy is accurately forecasting time spent on each task. People tend to give themselves longer than they need to complete a task, which inflates the time taken to complete it.

Don’t leave time for ‘leg-room’ on a task. Become efficient and decrease the likelihood of getting distracted.

Using Parkinson’s Law – we know using a shorter window of time to complete a task tends will lead to it being completed quicker.

Try taking 10 minutes to check the morning emails, instead of 30. You’ll be surprised at how much time you will save, and can now use to complete other tasks or sell more often!

Set-up Daily Power Hours

Turn off all distractions and hone in your focus on solely cold calling or selling. This is what an effective power hour is!

You can even use a power hour for emailing or connecting on LinkedIn – use what’s more effective for you.

Log out of Instagram, turn off Slack and phone notifications, even log out of the CRM – update it after!

All you need is a long list of contacts and start dialling, or if you already have a meeting booked within the time frame focus solely on that.

In my experience a power hour is excellent within a team environment too. For the fact that there’s a common goal and everyone is feeding off the focussed energy in the room.

As a tip…

Start with a 20 minute block of time.

Set yourself a goal to achieve within the time frame. When you develop the ability to focus beyond 20 minutes, integrate a 40 minute power hour. And then increase again to 1 hour when it suits.

You’ll find you’ll get a lot more done throughout the day when you aren’t constantly getting derailed!

Final Thoughts

Many trying to create new business get themselves into trouble doing non-selling related activities – going deeper into a world where they have no new opportunities or deals to show.

Leveraging the Golden Hours of selling is a solution to better your income, career and success.

Consistently it’s been shown that professionals who prioritise high impact tasks, simply have more success.

There will undoubtedly be some drawbacks, teething problems as you first make the adjustment. You may have to make some sacrifices, like getting up earlier or staying back an extra hour, but stick it out because you’ll see reward in due course.

Remember, when your goal is to generate revenue – you’ll never get fired or lose your business for not doing admin, but you’ll definitely be at risk if you don’t sell.

Use The Golden Hours to your advantage!

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